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Attorney Waggoner’s Advice on What to Look for When Considering a Personal Injury Law Firm

Interviewer: What advice do you have for people that are looking to hire a personal injury law firm? What good things might they see that would tell them they were talking to the right firm and what bad things should act as a warning sign? When might they want to speak to other firms instead of the one they’re talking to?

Look For Responsiveness and Attention to Detail

Will: I do have a couple of tips. One of the strengths of our firm is the staff. We have a staff that is very responsive to the client’s needs. We talk to them about which doctors they may go see. We’re here to update their files. We employ one person who does just the administrative medical file. I’ve got an overall file administrator. I am available by text, by phone, by email. We try to get back as immediately as we can and spend the time with the client explaining to them why their case is valid, how it is, what’s going on with the case.

You will encounter many attorneys who don’t have the time to talk to their client. You will see a lot of attorneys who won’t spend the time looking for other insurance. I would say this is one of the key points of our firm. You’ll see liability on the side, especially in automobile accidents. You’ll see liability minimum insurance limits on one side, but the client is hurt really badly.

Look For a Firm That Can Devote Enough Research and Time to Your Case

In the state of the New Mexico we’re probably the most liberal state in the union dealing with uninsured motorist coverage. Our Supreme Court has said, Unless you’ve really rejected it and you’re rejected it on a proper form, uninsured motorist coverage will apply, and it will be equalized to the amount of liability you have unless you have signed it away on a proper form as well.

So many other law firms won’t spend the time really digging deep to find the extra coverage, the excess coverage, and understanding whether it’s a class one, class two, and what sort of insurance coverage it buys.

I had a case like this recently where a woman stepped into an automobile with a friend and didn’t realize he had been drinking and was injured really bad. He’s kind of disappeared, he had quite a bit of insurance actually, but it still wasn’t enough. Now we found the UM side of hers and we stacked the cars. That’s another thing in New Mexico, we can stack all the cars in that household to find a whole lot more insurance for the client.

Attorney Waggoner’s Firm Networks to Stay Abreast of the Latest Developments in Personal Injury Law

We’ve been doing it for 25 years. I’m a member of the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association and in part of that I’m on what’s called a list serve. Every day, 24/7 there’s 250 of us on the net talking to each other about cases, law, judges, depositions, and opposing council. It is similar to being a part of a huge law firm of a large number of interested trial attorneys who are always helping each other for free. So when they hire our firm, they’re hiring also the knowledge and experience of 250 attorneys across the state of New Mexico.

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