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So much can be done in NM to fight DWI

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - According to N.M. Department of Transportation figures, New Mexico's death toll for alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents decreased to 134 in 2013 which was 13% below the 2012 level and it was also record low. It was also lower than the previous low of 143 in 2008 and comes after a decade of dramatic decreases in the state's alcohol-related motor vehicle accident fatalities. According to the successive governors, the attribute of decrease is given to their DWI prevention...Read more

33-year-old Jonathan Corn charged with one count of third-degree felony vehicular homicide

According to the state police, 33-year-old Johnathan Corn was almost twice the legal limit of BAC when he crashed into a vehicle, triggering an accident that killed a 58-year-old La Luz woman last week. He has been charged in connection with her death. On 27th of March, police allege Corn hit and killed Lucy Lucero. Corn is charged with one count of third-degree felony vehicular homicide, shows Otero County Magistrate Court records. According to court records obtained by the Daily News,...Read more

New Mexico mom comes to rescue her son after sensing danger

Valerie Cranston, mom of Cory Lemon, comes to her adult son's rescue after feeling that something was wrong and his son is in trouble. According to her, she had a feeling something had happened to her 40-year-old son after she didn't hear from him so she and some other people went out looking for him. She said that she stopped in a desolate area along Highway 137 when she felt her son was nearby. She looked down and saw him trapped at the bottom of a 100-foot drop. He had crashed there after ...Read more

Drop in DWI fatalities seen in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE - St. Patrick's Day celebrations have been going on all weekend as people are enjoying parties with their loved ones and police officers are on the roads to keep drunk drivers off the roadways. The struggle of law enforcement agencies is paying off as the number of driving while intoxicated deaths in New Mexico has reduced significantly over the last decade. The number of accidents related to alcohol decreased from two hundred and fourteen a decade ago to one hundred and thirty fo...Read more

Decrease in deadly DWI crashes seen in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE - On Tuesday, it was announced by Governor Susana Martinez that significant numbers from last year show that New Mexico is becoming successful in the fight against driving under the influence of alcohol. The Isleta Amphitheater was selected for a press conference by the state due to an initiative this concert season called Sober Zone. The main purpose of the initiative is to promote sober driving after concerts. Last year, the deaths occurred by driving under the influence of a...Read more

New Mexico mom injured after saving others from suspected drunk driver

A New Mexico mom saved her son and another young man from a suspected drunk driver, Scott Knowles, who was driving under the influence of alcohol, but she was not fast enough to save herself. Tonya McCullough jumped in front of a speeding pickup truck to save both of them but she didn't get time to save herself too. McCullough told KRQE News 13, "It was pretty scary, but I think my momma bear instincts just kicked in". After the accident that happened on Wednesday evening, the first-gra...Read more

13 exposed to radiation after accident at New Mexico plant

On Thursday, officials said at a news conference that more analysis is required to know exactly how much radiation workers were exposed to during a recent leak at the nation's underground nuclear waste dump in southeastern New Mexico. Radioactive particles were inhaled by 13 workers who were working above ground the night of the leak, according to the preliminary tests. On Wednesday, results were announced by the U.S. Department of Energy and the contractor that operates the Waste Isolation P...Read more

Morning accident North of Eunice, New Mexico, leaves Conroe Man dead

NEAR EUNICE, N.M. - An individual died in a morning accident which happened on north of Eunice, New Mexico. New Mexico State Police officials were called out to a 2 vehicle accident on New Mexico State Road 248. A 2005 International Commercial vehicle which Rafael Antonio Ochoa Samaniego, 57, was driving was traveling eastbound on State Road 248 when a 2006 GMC Pickup which Robert Allen Armacost, 46, was driving approached a slight curve in the roadway. The GMC drifted over the center line...Read more

New Mexico judge stops at accident scene to help defendant

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico - District Court Judge, Sheri Raphaelson, a northern New Mexico judge, stopped at a crash scene on a snowy highway and assisted an injured individual who turned out to be a defendant summoned in her courtroom. On 4th of February, Judge and a court bailiff were travelling from Espanola to court in Tierra Amarilla when they saw an overturned pickup that had skidded off the highway. When Raphaelson went near the injured passenger, who was removed from the truck, she ca...Read more

Workers injured on the job while drunk can still get workers compensation benefits in NM

SANTA FE - In New Mexico, employees who are intoxicated or are on high drugs and get injured while on the job can still get ninety percent compensation benefits. For the 3rd consecutive senatorial session, a bill from the state of Rep. Dennis Roch R-Logan, which wanted to remove the practice, was turned back in committee. Roch told New Mexico Watchdog after the house labor and human resources committee voted the 4-3 to table house bill 113, "The principles and the common sense I have tells...Read more

New Mexico motorist accused of 2nd fatal drunk driving accident

A New Mexico motorist guilty of killing a motorcyclist in a 2006 driving under the influence accident is accused of causing another fatal accident while driving drunk. According to the Albuquerque Journal report, the man who was killed was the brother of the judge who sentenced him for the 1st deadly collision. A witness called 911 two times to report Williams; once for driving erratically in her neighborhood in Berlen and hours later, for fighting with a neighbor. After the 2nd complaint,...Read more

Jacqueline Caballero, 23, dies in tragic skiing accident in New Mexico

In southern New Mexico, a 23-year-old Texas woman has died because of a skiing accident. On Saturday afternoon, 23-year-old Jacqueline Caballero died when she lost control and hit a tree while on an intermediate slope at Ski Apache near Ruidoso, said Lincoln County Sheriff Robert Shepperd. Caballero was at Ski Apache for a romantic break with her boyfriend Oscar Martinez, according to KVIA. Martinez broke the shocking news, said her Brother Luis Caballero. He said that Jackueline Caball...Read more


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