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Business Attorney

Business Attorney

Entering into the world of entrepreneurship can be stressful and complicated if done without prior experience or the aid of a knowledgeable adviser. There are many critical legal issues to handle during the start up of a business and having skilled legal council at your disposal is an invaluable asset. At The Waggoner Legal Group, we understand the concerns of new business owners and want to help ease their stress.

Why Hire a Business Lawyer?

There are several important reasons why retaining the services of an experienced business attorney can greatly benefit your new business including:

  • Organizing Legal Matters of the Business:
    Your attorney can help you apply the various laws that a business must observe as a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) including properly capitalizing the company, observing legal formalities, and properly executing documents and agreements. Without these services, your company may be unprotected from liability, and you could be held personally responsible.
  • Complying with Legal Requirements:
    If a company does not fulfill all of the legal requirements of state and federal laws, it may lose certain defense or the ability to fully prosecute its claims.
  • Handling Business/Contract Disputes and Litigation:
    When making agreements with third parties, the contracts may be one-sided and favorable only to the other party. To prevent this and to protect your best interests, your attorney can review the contract, look for problems, and prepare amendments to the document. Your business lawyer can also represent you and your company during contract disputes in an effort to find an amicable resolution.
  • Discussing Options during Bankruptcy:
    Business attorneys are invaluable during times of financial crisis such as the looming prospect of bankruptcy. Depending on your business situation, your attorney will discuss all three bankruptcy options chapters 7, 11, and 13 and help you decide which will be the most beneficial way to solve your financial problems. During bankruptcy, your business attorney will also be there to guide you through the entire process.

Contact Our Experienced Business Attorneys

Whether you are just starting up, have or an on-going concern, or you have a business dispute to resolve, it is critical to hire an experienced, skilled business lawyer to represent your company. At The Waggoner Legal Group, we have 75 years of combined experience helping businesses through all types of legal situations. In fact, some of our lawyers have been CEOs of start up and ongoing companies; this gives us have first-hand knowledge of the business world. We are skilled at strategic business consultation; on advising business owners on legal questions; avoiding litigation pitfalls, and simply resolving legal problems that may negatively affect their businesses. Contact The Waggoner Legal Group for all of your legal business questions.

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