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What Are The Common Car Injuries?

The injuries suffered from the broken glass or any sharp part of the car that affects the body of any passenger or driver can be dangerous and risky. According to many studies of the car accidents mentions that the degree of injury is determined where the person is seated. The seating position can be a reason for the severity and suffering of the accident. If you are seated near to the impact point, you will most likely be injured severely.

The common car injuries include the following:

1.Brain Injuries

A shock effect on the head can harm the brain; this kind of injury is known as traumatic brain injury in medical term. There are two types of Traumatic brain injury, mild TBI setbacks on its own after some time of taking proper rest. The severe kind of TBI can damage many serious function e.g eyesight, speech, memory or other emotional and concentration issues.

  2. Facial Injuries

Facial injuries include

Ear injuries: that can result in loss of hearing function.

Eye injuries: This can result in loss of vision or partial blindness.

Dental injuries: Those include the damage of jaws or teeth.

3. Spinal and neck injuries

Most of the car accidents result in whiplashes, it is the most common injury suffered. The injury caused by a neck stretch and rapid snap back to its place due to the sudden wreck that forces the car to abruptly accelerate or stop. The whiplash can harm in disks, spinal cord, and vertebrae or the neck etc. This injury can result in paralysis or dysfunction in limbs or other portion of the body. The chronic injuries of back and neck can result in severe pains.

4. Chest Injuries

The crash effect of the accident can damage the ribs and the sternum. Chest injury is mostly caused when a driver or the passenger is not wearing a seatbelt. These injuries are being reduced with the advancement of the dashboards, airbags or steering wheels etc. however, the body is still at risk of fractures.

5. Abdominal or pelvis injuries

The injuries caused by abdominal organs or the pelvic area are more usual in a motor car accidents. The risks of injury in liver, kidney or spleen are more common if the accident is caused by sides or front.

6. Knees and legs injuries

Knees and legs injuries are mostly caused due to the crash of any part of the vehicle. This injury results in the multi fractures and bruises. Knees are prone to the damage of the cartilage if the knee is rapidly turned or twisted.

7. Foot Injuries

Foot injuries are common injuries in a motorcycle injury, however, this can also occur in a car accident; the feet’s, toes or the ankles can be damaged or fractured.

8. Emotional Problems

The victims of the car accidents can suffer a lot of emotional issues such as depression, anxiety etc. this affect is usual specifically when the life of the sufferer is changed permanently due to the lifelong damages and injuries.

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