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Five Questions For Finding The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding the right personal injury lawyer for your claim is a big decision that affects the outcome of your case. It can be a difficult choice to make, particularly because most people are making this choice due to stress of an accident or other event for which they want to file a legal claim.

When you suffer damages through the fault of someone else, a personal injury claim is likely the right path to take. You will need an experienced and skillful personal injury lawyer for the best results for your claim. But you probably do not have immediate knowledge of which personal injury attorney you should choose, so you will need to narrow the field of options logically and as part of a solid decision making process.

Do not make your choice based merely on television commercials, print advertisements or other popular media. You will want to check out the attorney’s capabilities, reputation and different aspects of their history and personality, to ensure they are a good fit for you. Just because an attorney has paid for many ads claiming a high number of settlements, it does not mean your case will be that quick or easy. If your case needs to go to jury trial, you will want to have a solid, compatible partner by your side, the right attorney for you, one who is not afraid to go to trial.

Five Questions to Ask to Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for You

To help you through the process of screening personal injury lawyers for your auto accident or injury claim, consider asking very pointed questions when you meet with them. These questions will help you determine whether you have good working chemistry with this important person in your case, as well as whether their experience and background support the type of work that will be needed for your claim.

As you go through these questions during your initial, free consultation with a personal injury attorney, you will develop an awareness of whether that lawyer has the characteristics you need.

How many cases like mine have you settled or won?

Your case is unique to you, yet there have likely been many cases just like yours settled or sent to trial in your region in the past. It is important that your choice of personal injury attorney has significant experience in cases like yours. Avoid hiring an attorney who does many types of legal cases. You want to find one focused on personal injury or the type of claim you are filing. For example, an attorney who represents parties in divorce, handles business cases, or works for other types of clients will not be as effective in getting you the compensation you deserve against insurance companies in an auto accident case.

How many cases like mine have you handled in a trial? What is the outcome ratio for those trials?

Obviously you need an attorney who has strong courtroom experience. This is critical, in the event your claim is not settled out of court. Your chosen attorney should have extensive experience in front of a jury, specifically for your type of personal injury case. Of course, you also need to ensure their history of won cases is significant, as well as the awards won for past clients in those jury trials.

What is your case load right now, for number of active personal injury cases? Which staff members will handle my case?

Notable lead attorneys in big personal injury firms do not always handle cases themselves. They often have paralegals performing some of the work for them. If this is the case, inquire about the paralegal’s background and case history.

What is your contingency fee?

A contingency fee is the amount you pay to a personal injury attorney if your case is settled or won. This is usually a percentage of the monetary award of your claim. The percentage can range, but most personal injury lawyers charge between 33 and 40 percent. These fees are often negotiable because there are no set standards for the amount of the fee.

When will my lawsuit be filed?

The processes of a personal injury case going to court, being heard and coming to a verdict can be very lengthy. This is why most victims prefer a settlement through negotiations with the at-fault parties. Trials are slow and long, often frustrating for victims who can feel very stressed by a looming jury trial.

Of course, you will want to ask any other questions you have about your case, such as:

  • How will you win a larger award than other attorneys?
  • What information will I need to provide to support the case?

Do not be afraid to ask whatever questions you feel are important.

Attorneys Experienced in Arizona Personal Injury Cases

As you screen lawyers and law firms for your personal injury case in Arizona, it is important to get your questions answered. You should gain the help of a skillful attorney you have complete confidence and trust in, toward the best possible outcome of your claim.

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