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What You Must Know When
Involved In An Accident In New Mexico

(Useful Info Revealed That May Help You Navigate Your Personal Injury Case)

In Personal Injury Cases, Purposely Causing Harm Is Classified as an Intentional Tort

We have seen some personal injury cases where the harm that was caused was intentional. What we call intentional torts and a tort is nothing more than a civil wrong. You can have a criminal act that also includes a civil tort. Some person punches you in the face and that’s a tort. It’s intentional.

Compensatory and Punitive Damages

And with those types of torts, punitive damages are allowed and the Supreme Court and the city of New Mexico allows up to ten times your compensatory damages. And the compensatory damages are nothing more than the bundle of 11 elements of damages that I’ve described already. So we have automobile, truck, motorcycle, all types of premises liabilities, and intentional torts. We do handle some dog bite cases, though not a lot.

By Waggoner Legal Group