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Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Interviewer: What are the five most common types of injuries that you see most often?

Will:First and foremost, it’s going to be the automobile accident. Just as in the example that I provided, people are not paying attention and driving into other people’s cars. We see that, whether it happens on a city street or on the highway.

The second most common are probably at stores where they’ve failed to keep the premises safe and as an example, that could be ice on the sidewalk or oil sitting on a floor that causes the patron to slip and fall. We see a lot of premises in liability cases where the stores just aren’t doing what they are required to do pursuant to the jury instruction in the city of New Mexico. They are obligated to use ordinary care to keep the premises safe for the people who are shopping, the patrons.

We do handle a variety of personal injury cases at my practice. I was retained to handle an injury that just occurred at a school where a man stepped on a set of bleachers and the bleachers collapsed. This would be classified as a premises liability case but a different sort of one.

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