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Personal Injuries at Nursing Homes, Elder Abuse and Medical Malpractice

Interviewer: How about any medical malpractice or injuries that occur at nursing homes?

Will: We actually have an expertise in nursing home personal injury. As well as in elder abuse, whether it occurs in the nursing home or outside the nursing home. We do handle medical malpractice, but we’re very selective about medical malpractice because not every time you’re injured by a doctor is it negligence.

New Mexico Caps Damages for Medical Malpractice Cases

With medical malpractice cases, its just part of the risk that’s assumed in, for example a surgical operation, and it’s not as an exact science as some folks would like. In the city of New Mexico the Medical Malpractice Act is an act that was enacted back in ’90, ’91. It has caps that are horribly antiquated, and so we’re really selective about the medical malpractices we take.

Product Liability

Interviewer: What about product liability, where someone is using a product and it hurts him or her.

Will: We do handle some product liability cases, and we do some mass tort cases as well, whether it be a damages resulting from knee replacements and hip replacements, and we’ve had recently some topical skin cases from some products that were used to make you look younger which actually caused injury. We are retained for those as well.

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