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Santa Fe, New Mexico Estate Planning and Probate Lawyers

Although no one enjoys thinking about death or the way it will affect your family, it is important to plan for the future of your estate. Protecting your assets, property, and legacy for future generations as well as preventing disputes within your family will give you peace of mind knowing your family will be cared for after you have passed.

Estate Planning


At The Waggoner Legal Group, our experienced estate planning and probate attorneys will provide you with the legal services you need to make clear preparations for your estate. We will help you ensure that your Will is not misread or misinterpreted and that your heirs may not be met with disputes. Our New Mexico attorneys estate planning services include: Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, estate and trust litigation and administration.


After an individual’s death, there are certain steps that need to be taken by the Santa Fe probate courts that may delay the settlement of your estate. Under the direction of a court appointed official, the disbursement of personal property and real estate as well as business succession will be decided. At The Waggoner Legal Group, we want to help you prevent these delays by setting up a well-written Will and/or trust.

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With over 75 years of combined experience, the probate attorneys at The Waggoner Legal Group have the knowledge and skills necessary to help you plan for the future of your family and estate. To set up a Will, trust, and/or estate plan to prevent unnecessary probate following your death, contact The Waggoner Legal Group.

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