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For most, buying and selling real estate will be among the largest and most complicated transactions they will ever make. To ensure that the sale runs smoothly, it is vital to seek the legal advice and representation of an experienced real estate lawyer. At The Waggoner Legal Group, our residential and commercial real estate attorneys have the knowledge and skills needed to guide you through both sides of the transaction and represent your best interest in case of disputes.

Purchase and Sale of Real Estate

Real Estate AttorneyWhether you are buying or selling commercial or residential real estate, our attorneys can assist in your transaction. We review, prepare, and negotiate purchase and sales agreements for both buyers and sellers. Our real estate lawyers can also attend the closing and will overall guide you through the real estate sales process from beginning to end.

For buyers, we offer a variety of services including negotiation advice, helping you select among various types of appraisals, detailed review of title work, and handling interactions with the bank or lender.

For the seller, we offer seasoned negotiation advice; we can explain complicated financial structures, we closely work with and monitor the real estate agent, and offer legal advice for handling delinquent payments.

Contract Disputes

In addition to drawing up contracts, our real estate attorneys are experienced at enforcing contracts and successfully litigating contract disputes. During contract disputes, after one side has failed to disclose known problems with the property, has encountered money or deposit issues, breached the contract, or has faced one of the many other possibly contentious issues. When this happens, The Waggoner Legal Group will work tirelessly to prosecute or defend our client’s best interests.

Title Insurance Issues

When purchasing a piece of property, title insurance is supposed to provide valuable protection for the buyer. Unfortunately, it often does not, or the title insurance company will not live up to its contractual obligations; other times title insurance does not cover every possible problem that could occur concerning the purchased land.

One of the most commonly reported issues not covered by title insurance is boundary line issues. Although a boundary dispute can be remedied with a simple survey by a professional surveyor, problems often continue to arise. An experienced residential or commercial real estate attorney can describe the limits of your title insurance policy and help you work through issues such as boundary line disputes.

Contact Our Skilled Real Estate Lawyers

At The Waggoner Legal Group, our attorneys have 75 years of combined experience providing sound legal advice and representation to buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate. Whether you would like us to craft a solid contract for the sale of your home or you are in need of resolving a real estate dispute, turn to The Waggoner Legal Group for skilled, experienced real estate representation.

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