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When Can You Expect Compensation and How Will Your Attorney Determine the Amount You Ask For?

Interviewer: So if someone was hurt and they want to sue an insurance company or some other company, they can’t expect to get compensation for their injuries until maybe the case is over, right?

What Is Maximum Medical Improvement? Your Attorney’s Process to Determine Damages

Will: That brings up another point. How long does it take to get these cases resolved We have a litmus test that we call MMI, Maximum Medical Improvement. Our philosophy is, sure, you’re entitled to some compensation, but we’re also going to encourage you to get as much medical treatment as is reasonable and necessary. We want to make sure that you have reached a point of Maximum Medical Improvement that you’re about as good as you’re going to get.

You may not get fixed completely. You probably won’t be as good as you were before the accident, and it may be something that will haunt you for the remainder of your life. But if you’ve reached that point where we think this is pretty much it, at that point we can start determining what the damages are.

Your Attorney Will Compile Your Medical Records, Medical Expenses, Police Reports and all Evidence that Supports Your Claim

From there we gather the medical records, the medical expenses, any incident reports, police reports, pictures, all the evidence that supports the claim both in terms of negligence and injuries. We then put that together in a settlement proposal, and in essence, creating a book. It’s actually bound, tabbed, and it’s sent off to a publisher.

And the heart of that book is my demand letter, and my demand letter is going to go over the breach of duty, and those compensable damages that are applicable to the case. We’ll request the amount of money from that and we’ll send that book, the letter included, to the insurance company and begin negotiations there.

Attorney Waggoner’s Firm Is Well-Known for Their Attention to Detail in Personal Cases

Insurance adjusters have told me that our firm, at least, for the southwest United States, compiles the best demand packages. They are the most impressive, the most complete, and because of that I can take that demand package and it’s almost my trial notebook. I’m almost ready to go try the case with that alone. And it’s a great product; my staff is amazing in putting that together for me. It equates into higher settlements, and it equates into more settlements because the insurance companies understand we’re ready to proceed.

Interviewer: They can see that a lot of care was put into it and you didn’t just make up a hundred pages of worthless information in an attempt to try to sell them, instead you carefully analyzed the data for the case.

Will: Exactly. I’ll break out that settlement notebook and we’ll get into negotiations and we’ll go to tab five and page four. We’ll argue about this, that, and the other matter. It’s great. It’s worked really well and we keep refining it. We don’t rest on our laurels at all around here.

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